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Mol/L Propoxyphene Plasma.1-0.4 g/mL.946.3-1.2 mol/L Propranolol Serum 50-100 ng/mL.
Nmol/L Oxygen, partial pressure (Po 2 ) Arterial blood 80-100 mm.
Mol/L -Aminobutyric acid Plasma.08-0.36 mg/dL.97 8-35 mol/L -Aminolevulinic acid Serum 15-23 g/dL.0763.1-8.0 mol/L Amiodarone Serum, plasma.5-2.5 g/mL.55.8-3.9 mol/L Amitriptyline Plasma 120-250 ng/mL.Nmol/L Sodium Serum 136-142 mEq/L mmol/L Somatomedin C (Insulinlike growth factor) Serum 130-450 ng/mL.KPa Brain-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) Plasma 167 pg/mL 1 167 ng/L Bromide (toxic) Serum 1250 g/mL.0125.6 mmol/L C1 esterase inhibitor Serum 12-30 mg/dL mg/L C3 complement Serum g/mL.001.2-1.5 g/L C4 complement Serum 350-600 g/mL.001.35-0.60 g/L Cadmium Whole blood.3-1.2.Nmol/L Prostate-specific antigen Serum.0 farmer ønsker en kone siegerland ng/mL.0 g/L Protein (total) Serum.0-8.0 g/dL g/L Prothrombin time (PT) Plasma 10-13 s 1 10-13 s Protoporphyrin Red blood cells 15-50 g/dL.0178.27-0.89 mol/L Protriptyline Serum, plasma 70-250 g/dL.Mol/L Tyrosine Plasma.4-1.6 mg/dL.19 20-90 mol/L Urea nitrogen Serum 8-23 mg/dL.357.9-8.2 mmol/L Uric acid Serum.0-8.0 mg/dL.Mol/d Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide Plasma 50 pg/mL.296 15 pmol/L Vasopressin Plasma.5-2.0 pg/mL.923.0-2.0 pmol/L Verapamil Serum, Plasma 100-500 ng/mL.Nmol/L Maprotiline Plasma 200-600 ng/mL g/L Melatonin Serum 10-15 ng/L.Watch Queue, queue _count total bright side Recommended channel, play all.
Selected Laboratory Tests, With Reference Ranges and voksen kontakter i clear lake i iowa Conversion Factors Analyte Specimen Reference Range, Conventional Unit Conventional Unit Enter Quantity Conversion Factor (Multiply by) Reference Range, SI Unit Conversion Result SI Unit Convert Acetaminophen Serum, plasma 10-30 g/mL.
Symbol, known Quantity, enter Quantity, multiply by, to Find.
Each laboratory determines its own values, and reference ranges are highly method dependent.
Mol/L Homocysteine Plasma.68-2.02 mg/L.397 5-15 mol/L Homovanillic acid Urine.4-8.8 mg/24.489 8-48 mol/d Hydrocodone Serum.02 g/mL.34.06 mol/L Hydromorphone Serum.008-0.032 g/mL nmol/L -Hydroxybutyric acid Plasma.0 mg/dL.06 300 mol/L 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic acid (5-hiaa) Urine 2-6 mg/24.23.Nmol/L Chlorpropamide Plasma 75-250 mg/L.Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods.Mol/L Isoniazid Plasma 1-7 g/mL.291 7-51 mol/L Isopropanol (toxic) Serum, plasma 400 mg/L.0166.64 mmol/L Kanamycin Serum, plasma 25-35 g/mL.08 52-72 mol/L Ketamine Serum.2-6.3 g/mL.206.8-26 mol/L 17-Ketosteroids Urine 3-12 mg/24.33 10-42 mol/d Lactate Plasma.0-15 mg/dL.111.Nmol/L Iodine Serum 58-77 g/L.Nmol/L Electrophoresis (protein) Proportion of total protein Albumin Serum 52-65.01.52-0.65 Proportion.0 1-Globulin Serum.5- Proportion.0 2-Globulin Serum.0- Proportion.0 ß-Globulin Serum.0- Proportion.0 -Globulin Serum.0- Proportion.

Mol/L -Glutamyltransferase (GGT) Serum 2-30 U/L.0167.03-0.51 kat/L Glutethimide Serum 2-6 g/mL.603 9-28 mol/L Glycerol (free) Serum.3-1.72 mg/dL.1086.32-0.187 mmol/L Glycine Plasma.9-4.2 mg/dL 133.
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