I tried to let it go and get some needed sleep after a long day of driving when a roach crawled across my bare should towards my neck.
On a positive note, the people were nice.
Really awful paint job covering outlets, switches, vents, lights, etc.
After telling her the room numbers she told us that not all our guest were registered to the rooms and we needed to leave.I wish that was all.Simply put, it is dirty.Overall I was embarrassed and felt attacked and will never be staying at another Motel 6 again.Walked into our room to the rank odor of old cigarettes.Oh and the bloody booger on the wall was the icing on the cake.
Within the first 10 minutes I killed 2 roaches on the floor near the bed.
I may have slept about 1/2 hour.
Elevation 55, created 01/23/2006, weekday Short, distance:.4 mi, elevation.
You can explore by location, what's popular, our top picks, free stuff.From that moment I had the willies the entire night.Please, login to rate and review this listing.Single or married is ok!If I could give this no stars I would.Elevation 45, created 07/14/2006 sundayshort Distance:.7 mi Elevation 33 Created 07/14/2006 town tire quad Distance:.14 mi Elevation 29 Created Previous Next View More hvad kvinder vil have på en dato » Gainesville Stats Routes: 22063 Courses: 54 Gainesville Weather Current Weather OpenWeatherMap » More Stores » Gainesville Running Stores More.My family and I booked a few rooms for three nights in the Motel 6 of Gainesville, FL mød folk, for sex bridger south dakota at the Newberry location.