"Edge wins by two feet".
19 Vince was scheduled to face Lashley in an arm wrestling contest on the June 2 edition of Saturday Night's Main Event.Batista gained the pinfall after hitting Edge with a Batista Bomb.Batista won a Fatal Four-Way match against Finlay, Kane, and Mark Henry to earn the spot of the challenger at the pay-per-view.One Night Stand (2007) was the third annual, one Night Stand professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by, world Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and presented.Khali regained the upper hand, scoop slamming Cena onto a crane.
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Kane chokeslamed Henry towards the end of the contest and attempted to pin Henry.
25 On the June 25 edition of Raw, Vince McMahon revealed that his death was part of a storyline, and that Chris Benoit and his family were legitimately dead.
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"Spear today, champ tomorrow?".
32 At Vengeance, Benoit was replaced by Johnny baby køn forudsigelse hjemmesider Nitro, after he withdrew from the match for " personal reasons ".Jeff Swanton bombed Haas as Matt climbed the ladder to get the belts and win.At the event, Cena defeated Khali by forcing him to submit to the stfu."Puddle of Mudd rocks One dating duisburg Night Stand".The contest went into the crowd, as Khali hit Cena with a television monitor.