Other locale-sensitive classes follow this same pattern.
Locale locale1 new Locale en / Create an English-speaking, Canadian locale.
For example, if you have created the køn gerningsmanden søgning racine wi locale ja_JP, this method returns the code.English en en_GB en_US ance fr_FR ench fr Preconstructed locales exist for convenience.It defines two- and three-letter abbreviations for each country or major region in the world.Displaying the Display Language in the Locale's Language Display Country Retrieve a locale's country or region component for user display with the following code: public final String getDisplayCountry public final String getDisplayCountry(Locale targetLocale) The first method form provides a localized country name for the default.By convention, a NumberFormat object for the th and th_TH locales will use common Arabic digit shapes, or Arabic numerals, to format Thai numbers.Because the euro currency is now the standard for the affected countries, those variants were removed in J2SE.4.This locale is more specific than the first instance.Language, code, arabic ar, german de, english en, spanish es, japanese.Miramax: "I'm rengøring dame på udkig efter niedernhausen Lorraine." "Like the quiche?" You're banking at the old Derby Nightclub, where Mike met Lorraine in Swingers!These differences can be captured with different locale designators in which only the country code is different.Back to Top Construction The Locale class has several constructors: Locale(String language) Locale(String language, String country) Locale(String language, String country, String variant) The following shows how each constructor can be used: / Create a generic English-speaking locale.
For example, the display country and variant can be handled this way too.
They create the system in which we interpret other people and events in our life.
Displaying Numbers in Arabic and Traditional Thai Digits Display Name The display name is simply a combination of the localized language, country, and variants demonstrated earlier.
Table 4 shows some of the preconstructed Locale objects that are available.
English system, the above code prints en_US.That is, it is possible to use.S.The other set is localized and is suitable for presentation to the user.Fortunately, the runtime environment that Sun provides is much more extensive.However, precise usage and idiomatic expressions vary in the two countries.The toString method separates each component with the underscore character,.