It deals with themes related to quarries, products and associated people and institutions in a broad context.
Fundhistorien og smykkernes funktion formidles i fremragende og underholdende tekster af bogens forfattere, der begge er museumsfolk.
It looks afresh at the relationship between the road as a material condition of daily life and the formation of local and national communities, arguing that the business of road maintenance, road travel and wayfinding constitutes social bonds.1106) dictated a call to the jihad (holy war) against the European invaders.Emily Thomas (ed Early Modern Women on Metaphysics (Ny) 302 sider, Cambridge University Press.The Trauma of Monastic Reform goes beyond reading monastic narratives of reform as retrospective expressions of support for the deeds and ideals of a past generation of reformers to explore the real human impact that the process could have, both on the individuals who comprised.Maribo Domkirke - Kloster-, by- og domkirke gennem 600 år (Ny) 149 sider, Syddansk Universitetsforlag.How can they engage with heritage and why would they want to?
Reformationen har de seneste 400 år været anledning til fest og overdådighed.
The first half of the volume, which deals with aspects of the educational history of Anglo-Saxon England as well as the dynamic interplay between Latin and the vernacular, corresponds to Wieland's own research interests.
Viden udveksledes her, men samtidig blev den indbyrdes konkurrence opretholdt for at demonstrere individuel rigdom og magt.
Its twenty chapters range from Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt to seventeenth-century England and Spain, and include studies of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.In a highly original argument, Kay suggests that the association of beasts with books is here both literal and material, as nearly all surviving bestiaries are copied on parchment made of animal skin, which also resembles human skin.But with a figure like Martin Luther, who looms so large in the historical imagination, it's hard to separate the legend from the life, or even sometimes to separate assorted legends from each other.In framing these disputes in relation to what Michel Foucault called the emerging 'art of government this søger ung mand bremen book draws out - for the first time - a full genealogy of the governmental 'discourse on the theatre'.Udstillingen præsenterer en række af de fornemme fund, som er gjort forud for de omfattende arkæologiske udgravninger i Odenses bymidte som forløber for Fra Gade til By-projektet.

A wide range of chronicles, administrative sources, archaeological evidence and other historical research is used to bring the story of the castle at war to life.
How could they afford to be so indifferent?